Проэкт изменений в МКБ-11

ВОЗ опубликовала предложения изменений в МКБ-11, согласно которым «Gender identity disorder» или «Транссексуализм» (F64.0) перестает относиться к психиатрии, меняет название на «Gender incongruence» («Гендерная неконгруентность») и переносится в раздел «Сonditions related to sexual health», («Состояния, связанные с сексуальным здоровьем»).

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10 сентября - всемирный день предотвращения самоубийств

GEY-pride in Prague

Ежегодно 10 сентября Всемирная организация здравоохранения (ВОЗ), при поддержке Международной ассоциации по предотвращению самоубийств (International Association for Suicide Prevention), проводит Всемирный день предотвращения самоубийств (World Suicide Prevention Day) с целью укрепления приверженности и поощрения деятельности по предотвращению самоубийств во всем мире.

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January. 22. 2015

The official report on the results
the lawsuit LAS against the
Ministry of Health of Ukraine, with the participation of
NPO CI "T-EMA" and with the support of
Foundation for Strategic Affairs of the
Coalition for Combating Discrimination in Ukraine

More and less
the official version,
review by
direct participant,
you can read


… Russian version …


The legal process with the participation of Public organization "Civic Initiative" T-EMA "
and with the support of
Foundation for Strategic Affairs of the Coalition against discrimination in Ukraine


District Administrative Court of Kyiv satisfied the claim LAS against the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on the recognition of inadequate legal acts of higher legal force and invalid claim 3 Biomedical and psychosocial indications for change (correction) of sex, namely contraindications:

Several months of preparation for the suit, three months tense duel with the lawyers of the Ministry, where almost every step to anticipate the opponent (including its legal nonsense), when proof of the enemy bear a few more weighty counter-arguments, and any word disassembled and used against a public authority violated the human rights and discrimination against transgender persons.

We expected that there will be much more the worst result of the work, as transgender issues concern the public authorities in a very small degree. Among other things, the positive jurisprudence for the protection of human rights (in relation to the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of transsexual persons) is minimal, in contrast to the negative.

But the court today proved the opposite - his decision suggests that the path to European integration of Ukraine, as well as bringing the national legislation to the European and world standards is final and irrevocable. And let the decision has not yet entered into force - the Ministry of Health could still in time to file an appeal, but the fact of the decision on strategic lawsuit, which deals with human rights have is a fact.

The Court also recognized the right to gender identity, as part of the right to respect for private life (page 10 solutions penultimate paragraph) that is unique to the domestic law and jurisprudence!

We understand that this is a drop. A drop of rain that washed away with all discriminatory dirt with Ukraine. We will have much more ahead of the fight - to defend our freedom from the encroachments of external and internal enemies at the front, and defend our rights of corrupt officials and discriminators in the rear - they go hand in hand. And only then Ukraine will become a prosperous European state.

Glory to Ukraine!


Many thanks to all who helped, supported and believed in us.
Individual members of the commission to correct gender
And all the rest!

P.P.S. with a scanned copy of the text of the court's decision can be found here
Court's decision in the strategic process LAS AGAINST Ukrainian Ministry of Health

Administration of the civic initiative "T-EMA"

american bar association
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WPATH, The World Professional Association for Transgender Health
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