Проэкт изменений в МКБ-11

ВОЗ опубликовала предложения изменений в МКБ-11, согласно которым «Gender identity disorder» или «Транссексуализм» (F64.0) перестает относиться к психиатрии, меняет название на «Gender incongruence» («Гендерная неконгруентность») и переносится в раздел «Сonditions related to sexual health», («Состояния, связанные с сексуальным здоровьем»).

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10 сентября - всемирный день предотвращения самоубийств

GEY-pride in Prague

Ежегодно 10 сентября Всемирная организация здравоохранения (ВОЗ), при поддержке Международной ассоциации по предотвращению самоубийств (International Association for Suicide Prevention), проводит Всемирный день предотвращения самоубийств (World Suicide Prevention Day) с целью укрепления приверженности и поощрения деятельности по предотвращению самоубийств во всем мире.

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January. 23. 2015

More and less
the official version,
review by
direct participant

The official report on the results
the lawsuit LAS against the
Ministry of Health of Ukraine, with the participation of
NPO CI "T-EMA" and with the support of
Foundation for Strategic Affairs of the
Coalition for Combating Discrimination in Ukraine
you can read

… Russian version …

Yay !!!

Finally then a miracle happened! And the court has issued a decision.

We remind you. Иск УДОВЛЕТВОРЕН!!!

LAS lawsuit against the Ministry of Health of Ukraine
recognizing in administrative proceedings and wrongful cancellation of the contra-indicated
paragraph 3 of Appendix №1 «Biomedical and psychosocial indications for change (correction) of sex"
to the Order № 60 of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine from 03.02.2011, "On the improvement of medical care for individuals that require change (correction) of sex."

Himself lawsuit lasted for several months, including a calendar month passed judgment. This month fell to the New Year holidays, and taking into account the transfer of output and creating the Christmas holidays in public organizations, of course, is stretched timing of the decision.

Immediately I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for the support of, oddly enough, the individual members of the Commission for a change (correction) of sex, as well as individual representatives of public organizations. The say that modesty adorns the man, so those who believed in us all the time, and walked with us hand in hand - you know what we are talking about you.

Thank you, dear!

And now back to the heart of the matter.

As he passed the legal process ...

Ohhh !!! It was very interesting and rich, one might even say, in a sense, enchanting !!! НЕТ ДИСКРИМИНАЦИИ !!!

The very claim is not just appeal of the decision of the Commission, and the procedure itself contraindications to change (correction) of sex. Most importantly, the result of an action affects the whole social group of transsexuals and extends its action is not a separate person, namely all those who have expressed a desire to change the passport, civil and morphological gender.

Preparing a lawsuit took more than 3 months, based on an analysis of domestic legal instruments and international precedents.

It was a long and laborious work. Someone believed in us, someone laughed sarcastically in the back, someone discreetly spit in our trail around the corner.
All was. Everyone is different and everyone thinks differently.
Even when we have already filed a statement of claim in us and our victory is not believed by many.

Frankly speaking, we too had doubts about the results. We knew that we - the first, and one we have not tried to challenge the regulations of Ministry of Health in relation to transsexuals.

Moreover, several attempts of other organizations to establish a precedent with regard to this particular social group, were either a failure or were personal in nature, extending its action solely on the plaintiff.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, we can not say that listening to remember something extraordinary, some features of the debate, the exclusive evidence base on the part of the defendant or the elegant casuistry and a play on words and meanings.

We have to admit that it was quite simple and banal (Especially appearance at the hearing, when all the huge, many months of work the lawyer remains invisible).

At the preliminary hearing, the defendant's representative in the presence of observers tried to discredit the plaintiff on gender marker, and at the same time said that the Ukrainian Ministry of Health "does not give up!" You would think that the Ukrainian doctor is always right))), and especially while the patient is more alive than dead )))

Of course, we wanted to offer a settlement agreement, but, in all honesty, we did not it was profitable. After all, the world - gives freedom to the defendant, and the satisfaction of the plaintiff - oblige the defendant to perform. And it's a huge difference ... the more that the representative of Ministry of Health itself into a trap from the beginning of communication, excessive self-confidence and contrived superiority.

The judge, though not show it clearly, but, apparently, was quite uncritically supportive of us. No, of course, it's not a personal relationship. Rather, it correctly assessed the arguments and the evidence base provided by lawyer ( which is, incidentally, a very high professional level ).

ИНедостаточно аргументов!

Among the objections of the defendant attended empty statements with overtones of their own superiority, mind and extensive evidence that concerned the disputed points, but nothing confirmed.

After reading the application by the defendant, we laughed together and, though a shame - but I confess, gloated))) For a number of documents have already said that the position of the Ministry of Health in these matters extremely shaky. Among other things, the defendant put pressure on the parent pity, claiming that the existence of disputed items themselves cares about transsexuals and their children that it protects the rights of children and morality ... In other matters, not arguing absolutely nothing. In applications, there were no statistics or analysis or research papers or articles. That is - no-Th-th ...

Of course it has pleased us, and comments on the objections of the defendant were painted almost every word. What is broken, where broken, what examples of international precedents, statistics research transgender families with children, excerpts from monographs, dissertations and research papers ...

You can immodestly say that if it were not for Oksana ( a representative for the plaintiff, a professional lawyer with years of experience and keen mind, a great specialist, and as a representative of a social group of transsexuals , directly interested in changing public policy with respect to persons who wish to change the sexual identity) - none of this would be in sight.

As a finale - representative of the defendant fails to appear at the final hearing , and the court decides to hear the case without the presence of the parties, in writing, taking into account the evidence and the absence of additional arguments on both sides.

I must admit that we are definitely looking forward to the decision and regularly interested in his presence))) and we as regularly for almost a month...

Но все таки, итог того стоил…

Итак, что же мы все-таки имеем по факту.

На настоящий момент судейская коллегия вынесла решении о полном удовлетворении исковых требований истца.

Откровенно говоря, решение расписано по каждому пунктику, по каждой буковке так, словно оно уже готовится на ЕСПЧ. Т.е. это дает уже некоторую гарантию нерациональности обжалования ответчиком. Но!... Отдельные представители бюрократии бывают излишне самоуверенны и консервативны. Нам конечно не хотелось бы, что бы представитель ответчика краснела в более высоких судебных инстанциях, но это уже будет персональный выбор.

А теперь, собственно, что данное решение дает самим транссексуалам.

Если 2-м обжалуемым пунктом (грубые нарушения социальной адаптации (отсутствие работы, постоянного места жительства в том числе) ) Комиссия пользовалась редко, если вообще пользовалась, хотя и могла (но тогда непонятно зачем его вообще было вносить в состав противопоказаний)…
то 1-й пункт – наличие детей до 18-ти лет… Оооо! Сколько отказов было именно по этому пункту – знает только архив Комиссии (ну, еще может быть секретарь Комиссии).

Настоящим решением данный пункт противопоказаний признается недействительным и ВСЕ лица, подававшие ранее заявку на смену половой принадлежности, и получившие отказ по этому пункту… или же не подававшие в твердой уверенности отказа по факту данного противопоказания (УРА!!!) могут подавать новую заявку! Теперь уже имея возможность смены половой принадлежности независимо от детей (они ведь все равно дети, родные, и в любом случае ими остаются).

Поэтому – Ура Товарищи!!!

Первый стратегический иск в пользу транссексуалов Украины уже имеется. Прецедент готов.

Лед тронулся!

Кстати говоря.

Мы будем рады сотрудничеству с желающими работать, а не делать вид активной борьбы. Ведь на самом деле, даже в текущем иске, – было всего 3 слушания… А работы было – почти пол года…

Это работа дамы и господа… Тяжелая, неблагодарная, практически не оплачиваемая, если вообще оплачиваемая. Это работа для активных и инициативных людей с повышенным чувством справедливости, желающих изменить наш мир. С начала чуть-чуть, потом еще чуть-чуть, потом еще… а потом смотришь – все вокруг другое!!! Но даже каждый шажочек, который удалось сделать на этом пути, - уже доставляет чувство удовлетворенности – «Я не зря живу в этом мире!»


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